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International Artists for Children's and Human Rights




International artists raise their Voices on selected articles of the Children's and Human rights.

VOICE OF ART is a series of Art & Rights events with international reach.

With the aim of establishing sustainable awareness of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we dedicate ourselves to selected children's and human rights in each event and illuminate them in a variety of ways.

At the heart of each event is an art exhibition in which an international group of invited artists raise their voices with current works on the selected topics.

In this way, we want to strengthen the power and significance of art for elementary social and political processes and enrich the public discourse on the basis of a peaceful dialogue > to the series.



December 2014 to February 2015

We are launching our new series VOICE OF ART on occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, with a thematic focus on children's rights. We have invited an international group of established artists to dedicate themselves with current works, to articles of the children's rights, which are particularly important to them and to raise their voices for these children's concerns > go to the event.



December 2015 to March 2016

WHISTLEBLOWER | Freedom of Speech is the second Art & Rights event of our series VOICE OF ART.

This event calls attention to the topic Whistleblowers and to the following articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Article 3 [Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security], Article 18 [Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion], Article19 [Freedom of Expression, Opinion and Information] > go to the event.



November, 2016 to June, 2017


Dedicated to:

Children on the run

particularly to the:

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Article 37 (Detention)
Article 38 (War and armed conflicts)


Art - a message of love

MOTHER LOVE is the third Art & Rights event of our series VOICE OF ART. In this Art & Children's Rights event we dedicate ourselves to the challenge of the theme transcendentally.

An international group of prestigious artists have faced the task of channeling a universal force through current works, whose facet richness ranges from the smile of a child, the love of a mother, a father to their children, to a power that unites people across boundaries and cultural differences to one - MOTHER LOVE > go to the event.





Art & Human Rights Event



International Day of Human Rights
10th December, 2020


Guardian Souls is a purely digital event with an unlimited term.

Here we present our various projects & campaigns to strengthen the voices of Artists on Human Rights via digital formats > to the event.


Mahatma Gandhi at Ramgarh




In this series, we present Voices on being Human and on elementary values of the Human Rights in digital magazines - journalistically, philosophically, artistically  > to the series.




Young people for Participation, Development and Future




Young people for Participation, Development and Future.

In our series FUTURE KIDS we initiate projects, together with partners of the educational sector, to give the voices of young people more power and range. Our aim is to work effectively and sustainable in the area of democracy education as well as children's and human rights.

The spectrum of our activities in this program is ranging from art & children's-/human rights projects to the creation of a student magazine > to the series.



Graffiti, T-shirts, Actions & much more > go to the projects.




To give young people a voice. To provide them with a platform on which they can present, discuss and transport their topics and concerns. To open up the ways on which they can make use of their right to participate - these are the aims of the newspaper projects of FUTURE VOICE > to the projects.



Human Rights- and DemocracyEducation - in the educational sector.

This series collects various programmes for DemocracyEducation especially for young people. In this process we strive to strengthen the existing commitment of teachers and pedagogues.

The DemocracyEducation takes place through a competence training in the area of the children's and human rights. Creating access to active participation for young people takes place through peer-to-peer educational programs, as well as through art, creative expression and social commitment > to the series.


DEMOKRATIE | Youths for Youths | Intro


Youths for Youths

Young Children's and Human Rights mentors

FUTURE VOICE offers young people between the age of 12 to 27 the opportunity to become a Children’s /Human Rights mentor. The training is completed with a practical experience and an official certificate.

The programme builds on 18 years of FUTURE VOICE experience in inspiring young people for Children’s and Human Rights and related values, such as respect, global thinking and justice.


Human Rights - in the educational sector


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