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FUTURE VOICE is a non-profit and independent working Human Rights organisation based in Berlin, Germany. We are committed to an evolutionary process based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which encourages people to unite in peace and true grandeur. 
We create spaces for participants and networks to amplify their Voices/Perspectives through creative, artistic expression on Children's and Human Rights and on important social issues with sustainability and reach.
Our projects are designed as series to a sustainable work.

Pandemic | 2020

Universal Declaration of Human Rights | Article 1

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with
reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of sister-/brotherhood.

FUTURE VOICE goes Future

09.2020 | Central values of being human are currently under close scrutiny. If we want to preserve these values and, as humanity, tread the path to a higher level of consciousness, then each individual needs to deal honestly with these values.

Human Rights are degenerating into a label with which one likes to adorn oneself. An awareness of the significance of their valuable contents as the basis for our thinking and acting seems to be lost.

FUTURE VOICE therefore establishes a series of digital magazines dedicated to elementary values of the Human Rights - journalistic, philosophical, artistic. We combine various Voices/Perspectives on the respective topics and address ourselves to a target group that welcomes inspiration for independent thinking and acting.

Voices for Dignity | Digital magazine

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In our first magazine of the series, we want to amplify independent creative Voices on Article 1 of the Human Rights sustainable with power & reach. Thereby, we aim to shed the light on fundamental values of being Human, such as Dignity, Freedom and Conscience. The magazine is planned bilingual in German and English.

It is becoming more and more difficult to finance independent, committed Human Rights work through public funding. Support our goal to make these Voices visible. Help us in financing the project. Your support counts. The magazines are provided digitally to all interested parties.

Last projects

We look to the day when people will not be rated by their skin colour or status, but by the content of their character.