Our new series HUMAN RIGHTS | Voices is dedicated with digital magazines  to elementary values of being Human and the Human Rights - journalistically, philosophically, artistically.
We bring together different Voices on the respective topics and address a target group that welcomes inspiration for independent thinking and action. All magazines & teasers for the series will be published bilingual in German & English.
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MIND CONTROL | 05.2021


A Tribute to Dr. Rauni Kilde

Dear Friends, 

What is the biggest secret in the world? Have you ever thought about it? It is to be a human being on this planet earth.

What is a human being? Many of us, even doctors forget, that our body is 70% water and our brain is 87% water. So what holds us together? ENERGY! Energy according to Einstein never disappears but only changes its form. Everything in the world is energy. It is this table. It is us. It’s anything. Everything is vibration, frequencies and energy. 

And what is mind control? …

 Love | The ultimate Force | 01.2021


A fairytale by Manuela Scharifiazad
& Artwork by Mariwan Jalal

Dark forces of the ancient times have risen up. They seek to subjugate humanity and want to keep it eternally frozen in dark oblivion. They steal people's love. They consume their souls and establish a reign of cruelty. ...

 INFINITY | 03.2021


A Near Death Experience by Gregg Seastone
& Artwork by Liam Donoghue

The knowledge - who we really are, what the true nature of our consciousness is, whether our existence is limited to a mortal body or extends far beyond it - is classified as secret knowledge, especially in monotheistic-dominated societies. ...


I. COURAGE | 09.2020

The Lesson of Appreciation

II. DIGNITY | 10.2020

Artwork by Mariwan Jalal

III. Art is dying ... | 11.2020

Artwork by Shorsh Saleh

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These most basic Human Rights were suspended or reduced to a minimum for millions of people worldwide within two weeks.
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