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With HUMAN RIGHTS, we are establishing a series of digital magazines dedicated to elementary values of the Human Rights - journalistically, philosophically, artistically. 
In each magazine we combine various Voices/Perspectives on the respective topics and address ourselves to a target group that welcomes inspiration for independent thinking and acting.
The aim is to publish four magazines per year - with an extent of 52/72 pages each. Our first magazine is in concrete preparation. We need your support to finance basic elements such as the graphic implementation!
PARTICIPATION | You are an artist, journalist, philosopher with a professional background, interested in making your voice audible & visible in our magazines > contact info (at) If you wish, we can also publish your Voice anonymously.

Voices for Dignity | Digital magazine

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We are going to start this series by amplifying independent creative Voices on Article 1 of the Human Rights sustainable with power & reach. Thereby, we aim to shed the light on fundamental values of being Human, such as Dignity, Freedom and Conscience. These are extensive topics and we plan to provide several editions on these themes (German/English).

It is becoming more and more difficult to finance independent, committed Human Rights work through public funding. Support our goal to make these Voices visible. Help us in financing the project. The magazines are provided digitally to all interested parties.

Teaser to the series

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