With HUMAN RIGHTS, we are establishing a series of digital magazines dedicated to elementary values of being Human and the Human Rights - journalistically, philosophically, artistically. 
We combine various Voices on respective topics and address ourselves to a target group that welcomes inspiration for independent thinking and acting. All magazines & teasers of the series will be published bilingually in German & English.
We need your support to finance basic elements such as the graphic implementation & translation! Help us to strengthen Human Rights and their valuable content.
PARTICIPATION | You are an artist, journalist, philosopher with a professional background, interested in making your voice audible & visible in our magazines > contact info (at) If you wish, we can also publish your Voice anonymously.


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 Love | The ultimate Force | 01.2021


A fairy tale by Manuela Scharifiazad
& Artwork by Mariwan Jalal
The English version of the magazine is coming soon!
Pro Translator needed !
We are currently looking for support to translate the fairy tale skilful into English (BE). A budget of € 220,00 can be provided.
Contact > info(at)


III. Art is dying ... | 11.2020

Artwork by Shorsh Saleh

I. COURAGE | 09.2020

The lesson of appreciation

II. DIGNITY | 10.2020

Artwork by Mariwan Jalal

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These most basic Human Rights were suspended or reduced to a minimum for millions of people worldwide within two weeks.
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