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FUTURE VOICE is a small Human Rights organisation based in Berlin, Germany. We are working independently and with international reach.
We are committed to an evolutionary process, which encourages people to unite in peace and true grandeur. The path to this awareness leads through Human Rights and the intention of every individual to value his/her rights and those of others.
The pandemic means a far-reaching change for us. We see editorial independence more than ever as a basic prerequisite for acting in line with our goals and the Future Generation.
We lost our income basis due to the pandemic, but we still trying to remind the people who they really are, how powerful they are and that they shouldn't let go their Human Rights.
Our work is available for free, in order to provide access to all interested parties. You can support our next projects here! 


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We are working with a small KeyTeam. The carefully and respectfully handling of every kind of resource is the basis of our entire work.
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