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FUTURE VOICE is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany.  We are recognized for the promotion of youth welfare, education and international understanding.


How can I support the work of FUTURE VOICE?
With a donation, you enable us to successfully continue our work. We see independent action as a basic prerequisite for acting in an authentic way in line with our goals and the Future Generation. Your donation is an important support!
Can I help beyond a donation?
On BE PART, we repeatedly put project-related requirements in the foreground. This can be the provision of space for workshops, as well as a temporary support pro Bono within the framework of a professional qualification. Just have a look.
What does my donation do?
Every donation flows 100% and without administrative deductions into our current projects, to where it can be most effective. We work with a small KeyTeam. The careful and respectful handling of every kind of resource is the basis of our entire work.  If you want to support a specific project, simply state the name of the project in the purpose line.
All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a donation receipt. We work together with the organization to transfer the donations. A secure online banking form can be found below.
Sustainable effect!
With the establishment of a regular donation you effectively support the lasting effect of our work. So you help us to establish a series and its content in the long term.


Every donation is a valuable support and helps us!
For further questions please come in contact:
With sincere thanks, Your FUTURE VOICE Team