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FUTURE VOICE is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany.  We are recognized for the promotion of youth welfare, education and international understanding.


How can I support the work of FUTURE VOICE?
With a donation, you enable us to successfully continue our work. We see independent action as a basic prerequisite for acting in an authentic way in line with our goals and the Future Generation. Your donation is an important support!
Can I help beyond a donation?
In our CALL TO ACTION, we repeatedly put project-related requirements in the foreground. This can be the provision of space for workshops, as well as a temporary support pro Bono within the framework of a professional qualification. Just have a look.
What does my donation do?
Every donation flows 100% and without administrative deductions into our current projects, to where it can be most effective. We work with a small KeyTeam. The careful and respectful handling of every kind of resource is the basis of our entire work.  If you want to support a specific project, simply state the name of the project in the purpose line.
All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a donation receipt. We work together with the organization to transfer the donations. A secure online banking form can be found below.
Sustainable effect!
With the establishment of a regular donation you effectively support the lasting effect of our work. So you help us to establish a series and its content in the long term.


Every donation is a valuable support and helps us!
For further questions please come in contact:
With sincere thanks, Your FUTURE VOICE team

Our Charity Shop

In our Charity Shop you can find FUTURE VOICE shirts, bags & cases and selected motives for children's and human rights designed by young artists in our projects. All materials have been selected with care and according to the criteria Bio, Fair Trade, Climate neutral. Our proceeds flow 100 % into our projects.