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1960 Born in Leipzig, former GDR | 1981 - 1985 Studied documentary photography at Karl-Marx-Universität Leipzig | 1985 First publications for several news magazines of GDR | 1986 Publication ban on all media in the GDR | 1986 -1989 Studied at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, with Prof. Arno Fischer | 1989 In January emigration to West-Berlin | Since 1989 Freelance photographer and artist | 1991 Creation of the art journal „Neue Bildende Kunst“, with Matthias Flügge and Michael Freitag | 1992 - 2004 In summer of 1992, beginning of joint work with Ulrich Kubiak. Until the end of the artistic collaboration named Kubiak & Rauch (K & R) in 2004 a large number of co-productions emerged. | Since 2009 Lectureship at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin.


Somebody you know is a Threat | 2015

90 x 120 cm
FineArt-Inkjet on Hahnemühle

From the series: " Nothing true at all ", Edition 4, signed and framed





Born in Mexico City 1977 | Lives and works in Berlin.

The physical structure of cities as a starting point to understand the culture that inhabits, is the main topic of her work. Her artwork include drawing, collage, painting and sculpture. She studied at the Fine Arts Institute in Mexico City and a Master degree at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. She has participated in solo and group shows in Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Germany and China. Since 2013 she is part of the artist program of Greusslich Contemporary Gallery in Berlin. She got twice the grant for artists residence of the National Council for Arts Funds of Mexico in Berlin and Prague. She is currently member of the National System of Arts Creators of Mexico (SNCA).


Countdown cities I | 2015

130 x 100 cm
Mixed media on cotton





Amy Alexander was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been working as an artist for the past 15 years, specialising in illustration and animation. She completed her Masters of Animation in 2011 and since 2014 has been based in Berlin. Amy’s work is mainly about love and sometimes about underpants.


WIRES | 2015

Triptych, 34 x 48 cm
Watercolour on paper





Igor Kaschkurjewitsch born in Minsk in 1957, comes from a major Belarusian artist family. He graduated from the Minsk Art School (1976) and Belarusian State Theatre and Art Institute (1982), at the same time he developed his own style as a sculptor and painter. He worked as a lecturer and curator, was co-founder of the Independent Centre for Contemporary Art in Belarus. He has been participating in art exhibitions since 1978, works are in public collections such as National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, Museum of Modern Art Minsk, collection of the Belarusian Union of Artists, Anti-War-Museum Berlin, Centre of Nature Conservation Berlin. Since 1998 he has been living and working as a sculptor and painter in Berlin.




26 cm
Moraine foundling





1955 Born in Poland | 1979-1984 Studies painting at the Hochschule der bildenden Künste Hamburg, and under Prof. K.H. Hödicke at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin. DAAD-Stipendiatin for Rome, Italy | 1980-1983 Experiemental Films for Goethe-Institut, London, the Kino Arsenal Berlin as well as Hallwals, New York | 2009 Lives and works in Berlin, Washington D.C. and Sperolonga, Italy | Among others her work has been shown in Solo Exhibitions in Washington D.C., Austin Texas, Atlanta, London, Berlin and Rome as well as in group exhibitions and museums all over the world such as the World Art Musem Beijing, China and Kunsthalle Dresden, Germany.


The Winner Takes It All | 2015

80 x 100 cm
Acrylic on canvas





Berlin artist Christine Haberstock is African, American, Australian and European. A diversity of cultures which is reflected in her art: emotional, colorful, decorative, powerful. She has fine art degrees form Michaelis School of Art in Cape Town, Otis Parsons and Art center College of Design in California. In addition to illustration and painting, Christine Haberstock has worked for many years creating community art projects with children. For 15 years she ran the multi-media art center "Atelier 5 " in her grandfather's bread factory in Berlin.


Proditionem | 2015

200 x 100 cm
Watercolour on paper





Born in Mexico, 1974 | Holds an MFA from Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. He has exhibited in Mexico, France, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Russia and Germany. He works with installation, video and increasingly with sculpture. He is based between Berlin and Mexico.

Small Talk | 2015

Installation, Dimensions variable
Barbed wire, tin cans





Born 1961 in Meißen lives and works in Berlin. Since the mid 1980s the artist has been working on large scale paintings, drawings, collages, stray environmental installations and books. After her studies at the Art Institute Berlin-East (from 1981 – 1986) she cofounded and organized one of the first underground – galleries in the East: at the pottery workshop of Wilfriede Maaß (with Klaus Killisch and Petra Schramm). She first drew attention to her work with the solo exhibition “ the poesy of the monotone” at the new founded Kunstwerke Berlin. She’s got several art awards, so the important Vattenfall “Kunstpreis”. She showed her work at Museums and galleries in Germany and in several other countries. In the US - her works were on display at the Berman Museum Philadelphia, at the Goethe-Institute Washington and at “Deutsches Haus” in New York.


Splitting | 2015

10,5 x 13 cm
Collage on coloured paper





KLAUS KILLISCH studied painting at the Art Academy in East-Berlin from 1981-1986. His work has been represented in many exhibitions of German Art including the Biennale in Venice, Sezon Museum of Art in Tokyo, Folkwang Museum in Essen (Germany), New National Gallery in Berlin, Museum of Contemporary Art Frankfurt. Killisch lives in Berlin.


The world is a disc | 2015

ø 40 cm
Mixed media on hardboard





Born in Mexico City, Ale de la Puente is an artist with Industrial design, jewelry and boatbuilding study backgrounds. She works in different media, from drawings, sculptures, installations, video, electronics, to performances and actions. Her work deals with time and space notions, from poetics and daily life to astronomy, navigation, nuclear sciences, etc.  Her work has been shown internationally.


Cartografías Nucleares | 2015

28 x 44 cm / video HD (9:21min)
Drawing, Mix media





Emma Grün (Johanna Emma Dittrich,*1982, Marburg) grew up in Berlin, studied Lighting Design in Hildesheim.  Her father being a stage designer, her mother a costume designer her multi-disziplinary work is influenced by the theatrical.  She is not only drawing harlekins, dancers and mythical creatures (Flügelfüßler), but also playing roles herself in her performances, thus exploring the borders between fragility and strength of body and soul, between inner world and surreal dream. Her sculptures and installations are dealing with the traces left behind by acting, often showing destruction, always wondering about masquerade and the identity behind. Her poetry is dealing with questions about origin, home and escaping somewhere. Since 2009 her work has been shown in various exhibitions throughout Germany such as „Ngorongoro - Artist Week“ - studio area of Jonas Burgert, „Arcadia Unbound“ in Funkhaus Berlin and „liaision" at Gallery Franzkowiak.  and has been working as a Lighting Designer for Architecture.


Whistleblower?! | 2015

15 x 20 cm
Black pencil on paper





Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany | Observational Photographer | Mentored under: Jon Mortimer | Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota, St Cloud, Minnesota, USA | B/W & color photography | Dr. rer. Physiol. Marburg University, Marburg, Germany | Emphasis in Cell Biology & Microscopy

"I guess, it was my father who first introduced me to the camera. An old Agfa camera with a hard leather case! Since rolls of film were costly, we had to carefully think about the picture being taken before the shutter was released! I eventually went on to an academic career in the sciences where I did a lot of micro live cell imaging and confocal microscopy. A lot of photography in another sense! My observational photography, on the other hand, has taken me to all parts of the world, my most intense being in India where the color, people and culture have provided me with a palette of themes".


No! You are not! | 2015

70 x 105 cm
Fuji Proffessional DPII matt, laminated on AluDiBond





Max’s love for music, miniatures and the moving image has led her to develop hybrid art forms–digitally manipulated drawings and video performances with distinctive themes. Mining childhood memories and media constructions of gender roles, her art and music is charged with an eerie, dreamlike quality, appearing on first glance as whimsical, yet there is a disquieting aspect to her aleatoric play that exposes the vulnerable underbelly–as the marginalized and misfits struggle with the question of equality and identity.



Mixed Media / Video Loop. 00:30


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