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In our series FUTURE KIDS we initiate projects, together with partners of the educational sector, to give the voices of young people more power and range. Our aim is to work effectively and sustainable in the area of democracy education as well as children's and human rights.
The spectrum of our activities in this program is ranging from art & children's-/human rights projects to the creation of a student magazine.
We guide young people to come in touch with the topics of children's and human rights. We give an overview of the possibilities to be committed on a social level and we strengthen their active participation by their creative expression. We make their voices audible and visible.
Every workshop is supervised by an experienced mentor and can be adjusted to the background of the school and to the age of the students. Furthermore the topics democracy education, children's and human rights can be established professional and sustainable at a school.

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Become a patron and support young people sustainable in their ambition for education, participation and their wish to be heard. For a donation of 200 € you can become a patron for a FUTURE KIDS workshop.
In this capacity, you can provide valuable support in your close environment. You'll be able to check the process and the results of our work face to face. You will be presented as a supporter in the course of our public work for the workshop and you can integrate the cooperation into the presentation of your company. Your donation is tax deductible and you will get a donation receipt.
FUTURE VOICE is a non-profit organisation registered in Germany, located in Berlin. We are looking forward to welcome you. Please don't hesitate to come in contact for further questions. > Contact

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