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Democracy education > Expertise training Children's and Human Rights

Competence workshops on Children’s /Human Rights for youths followed by active, practical experience as mentors in the action space of school, youth club, refugee accommodation, etc. - for further peer-to-peer transmission of the content.


Active Partizipation > Peer-to-Peer

The opening up of access to active democratic participation for young people is created through peer-to-peer effectiveness. The direct, practical application and consolidation of the knowledge content is combined with self-determined participation.


Active practical Experience

In order to prove their knowledge in practice, the participants are requested after the competence workshop to prepare and perform a lecture for a young audience, in their age and target group, in self-governed initiative. All lectures will be supported in the background by the project initiators/workshop leaders.


Official Certificate

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will receive a certificate confirming their education as a Children’s /Human Rights mentor and their ability to work in the fields of action. This can also be useful for supporting their application documents and for carrying out further social projects.



Mentors > Multipliers

There are two target groups in this programme - the young people we train and the youths, who can be reached by our trained mentors through lectures in the action spaces.

In our pilot project, we were able to reach 70 young people in the second target group, while training a group of eight young mentors, as part of the practical training alone. In addition, we offer trained mentors continuing, long-term care and the recommendation of further action spaces, whereby an unlimited range of young people can be reached in a sustainable way and can be inspired to work even as a mentor.


Benefit for our participants and our society

It can be observed that the participants in our education programmes on Children’s and Human Rights benefit enormously in their personal development. Values such as increased self-esteem, increased identification with Children’s /Human Rights, increased global thinking, improved perceptions of their own rights and the rights of others, and their sense for justice, are sustainably supported.


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