Human Rights - in the educational sector

This series collects various programmes for DemocracyEducation -  for young people, in their active participation and as well as for teachers and pedagogues, to enable them to be effective as multiplies.
The DemocracyEducation takes place through a competence training in the area of the Children's and Human Rights. Creating access to active participation for young people takes place through peer-to-peer educational programmes, as well as through art, creative expression and social commitment.

Education for democracy is a central task for schools and youth education - democracy and democratic action can and must be learned. Children and adolescents should experience the advantages, benefits and opportunities of democracy at an early age and recognize that basic democratic values such as freedom, justice, solidarity and tolerance must never be disputed - even in times of profound social change.

In recent years, the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany has repeatedly emphasised the fundamental role of human rights as a prerequisite framework and subject of education. They take the seventieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as an opportunity to reformulate the "Recommendation for the Promotion of Human Rights Education at School" from the year 2000.

(Excerpts: Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, 2009 + 2018)



Youths for Youths
Training of young Children’s/Human Rights mentors (12 to 27 years) - with practical assignments, peer-to-peer, in relevant action spaces and an official certificate.


Mentor database
The coordination and imparting of young Children’s/Human Rights mentors in action areas (f. ex. Schools).
Range: regional to international.


Guidelines for teachers
Guidelines for teachers and (extracurricular) pedagogues with tried and tested modules based on the core curriculum. Digital, free of charge.


Training for teachers
Training seminars for teachers and (extracurricular) pedagogues to implement the guidelines and content in the educational sector.


Policy catalogs

Binding guidelines for the training goals and the certification of Children’s/Human Rights mentors, developed in cooperation with specialists.


Public relation

Networking and dissemination of the proposal through an online magazine and a website for sustainable provision of the entire proposition, including all educational materials.



Encouraging of educational institutions to carry out democracy projects independently - with certified recognition of the institutions by a coordinating body.

These programmes are based on FUTURE VOICE's 18 years of experience in inspiring young people for Children's and Human Rights and the associated values such as respect, global thinking and justice. The concepts were developed based on the interested demand from young people and teachers that we encountered in the course of our work with schools. You can find project examples under > FUTURE KIDS.

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Important Notice

June 2020 | Despite multiple professional submissions to relevant federal and state funding institutions, the programmes received no attention or support there - regardless of the needs presented in the education sector and regardless of the expertise of the partners and specialists who support the programmes.

If you are interested, we are always available for an exchange on the implementation of Children's and Human Rights education in the educational sector.

Due to the new challenges that arise in times of pandemic restrictions for the educational sector, we are currently adjusting our programmes in this series to digital knowledge transfer. If you are interested, please contact: info(at)